Tommy McGrath Jr.

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This page is stuff that just pops into my head...

Everyday is a surprise! Never count on anything to last forever. Just enjoy the ride before it stops.
Life goes on! When I first heard those words I actually thought that my life made a difference on how the rest of the world will turn out. Then you find out how silly that is.
Heard an old song today. It brought back many good memories of when I was young with a lot of energy and enthusiasm. But then reality set in and it reminded me of times that are gone forever. Lost and without purpose.
If your day is going rough and it seems like nothing is going your way, make it a point to help someone else. Then you will know that you made someone else's day better. This will put a start to a better day for yourself knowing that you did a good deed today.
Talent, ability and all that goes with it is nothing without opportunity!
Today is another day. Tomorrow can wait!
Don't ever take for granted the God giving senses you posess! They are magical and should be respected throughout your life.
The first thing we all do when we judge someone is to find their faults or differences. Start out looking for the good things one has to offer and you just might find that they are not too different after all.
Sometimes I think life is just a big circle. You come into it and just go round and round until the next person enters and you have to get out.
Sometimes it seems you just can't do it. Well that's because you just don't want to put the effort into something that can easily be done by yourself. Don't hold back get right in there and just do it. So what if it isn't perfect or it takes a little longer. At the end you will be happy and proud that you did it yourself.
The magic of a Smile! I have been noticing lately that when I approach someone at a store counter, in a bank or anywhere else and I let them see a smile on my face, they instantly become friendlier and want to help me that much more. Try it, it just might make a better day for everyone.
Are you one of those people who complain about the Holidays coming? Can you even imagine the Holidays not existing? Just imagine that!
Recognizing that your partner is your very best friend of all! No substitute!
  ​It all has become part of life. Can you imagine going back 30 years ago? No smart phone, no HD flat screen TV’s, no Facebook to drive you crazy and cars that actually break down.  The one thing I truly miss is live music everywhere.   

My biggest reason for having chidren was to create a family. Didn't know that it was a temporary thing and time would go so fast and now they have their own families.
The most depressing thing in my life is knowing what you want out of it and realizing it's too late.