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Having fun at Turning Stone...

It was a day filled with lots of fun.  First we started out at Dunkin Donuts at 5:45 in the morning.  We then made are way over to the Yankee Trails home office to wait for our bus.  After freezing just a little we finally got on.  The trip would have been a piece of cake but we had a group of at least ten to twelve people in the back that carried on the entire ride.  Thank God we sat in the front of the bus.  Well we finally got there in a couple of hours.  Got right to the Bingo Hall and bought our cards and picked out a nice area to sit.  We had 2 hours to wait so we did a tour of the whole casino.
  It is very beautiful and impressive.  We decided to get something to eat and on the way to the Buffet my sister fell going down on a step.   Poor thing fell right on her fake knee.  After getting ice and reporting the episode we sat down and ate.  Now we had a few minutes left to get to the Bingo Hall.  Of course after 3 hours of playiing bingo not one of us won.  Well we did some gambling on the slot machines and made them even richer.  I did get lucky just before we left and won $30.  The bus trip back was very quite than goodness. Lots of fun with good people!

Stay tuned for upcoming news, hahaha