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My Music Videos
Hey check out my music videos.  These are all original songs I wrote.  Some of them are new ones and some are ones I wrote years ago.  I will be adding more all the time.  
Hey check out my new song, “Bring Back the Funk.” Inspired by the song, Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars. Filled with pictures of the greatest Funk artists of all time, including Prince. 
Please take time to listen and watch my latest song and slide show depicting what I feel the homeless think about every waking day. It’s not a pretty picture but I hope it brings awareness to all. 
Hi Everyone!  Please check out my latest song, “To Be or Not To Be.”  It’s a song I wrote for the LGBT Community, an uplifting song to share a heartfelt message and bring happiness to all. 
When I heard about the shootings that occurred at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, I  was filled with so much emotion.  I couldn’t stop myself from writing a song for these beautiful children who lost their lives.  It is called “Twenty Little Angels.”
To hear some of my music just pick one of the songs below and click on it.  You can either download it or listen to it on your player.

Marcela - mp3
Rock it on Through the Night - mp3
Someday - mp3
A Christmas for Mama - mp3
Come Give Your Love - mp3
I've Got to Have You Baby - mp3
A Beautiful City - mp3
It's Only In My Mind - mp3
I Can't Give the Love - mp3
This is a few pictures of our studio.  We call it, "Original Sounds Studio."  My partner Joe Ewing adds his expertise on the guitar, bass and vocals.
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  2. Managing Director
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  4. Managing Director
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