Tommy McGrath Jr.

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Old Band Pictures!

Here are some pictures of Tommy and the Originals.  We did have some changes over the years.

Mark, Gary, Tommy and Dave.

Mark, Gary and Tommy.

Chuck, Mark, Tommy, Bill and Joe.

Macy and Tommy.

Kevin, Tommy and David.

Dave, Gary, Tommy and Mark.

Kato, Kevin, Doc and Tommy.

Tommy and Joe.

Dave, Tommy and Gary.

Mark, Paul and Tommy.

Tommy, Gary and Kim.

Gary, Dave, Mom, Tommy and Mark.

Mark, Bill, Dave and Tommy

Kevin and Tommy

Chuck, Tommy, Vito and Joe.

Mark, Kevin, Tommy, Liz and Danny.

Tommy, Kevin and Carl.

Kato, Mark, Kevin and Tommy

Here is some nostalgia from the old days of Tommy and the Originals.
This is a recording we did way back in 1977. Everyone was making vinyl records at that time. This was a 45 featuring two songs I wrote. Side one was called, "Take My Hand," and side two was called, "All In You." Actually the most popular of the two songs ended up being side two, oh well.....

Link to Baby Blue Records